Founder of Contractorble.com.au
– Eelin Chong

I'm an online branding and SEO consultant. Together with a world class team of digital marketing specialist, we help local businesses get more visitors to their website using Search Engines, especially Google.

When it comes to creative advertising, I've worked with some of the world's leading brands such as Abbott, Reckitt Benckiser, Nestle, Dutch Lady and Wella Haircare.

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I enjoy creative branding and online marketing. I currently operate 2 start-up businesses where 100% of my income is solely from SEO-focused endeavors, including web design, web management, lead generation and Search Engine Optimization services (SEO).

As a small business service provider myself, I have first-hand experience in the needs and nature of promoting a local Australian business online for contract businesses. Together with a SEO specialist team, we don't just aim for optimal Google visibility, but the longevity of brand awareness to maximize each business' long term earning potential.