Outsource SEO

So you’re looking to outsource SEO to bring in more online visitors to your business website.

You have heard all about XYZ.com.au in Melbourne and you know they are great company but you are sure they outsource to India. So, you start looking for an SEO company in India and find EFC.net.

Besides the price, what’s the different between working with an Indian and an Aussie provider?

1. Trust – The distance makes it harder to know if the mentioned Indian business is legit. In the event there is a dispute between both parties and you want your money back, it is more complicated because the provider is based in another country’s with less supervised state business regulations.

Generally, when I hire a digital marketer, we will get personally acquainted with them through Skype and we always take into consideration if they have a webcam or not.

2. Quality - Decide what kind of standard you want associated with your business and reputation. I would recommend doing the content writing yourself, and outsource the rest of the backlink services. The last thing we want is someone looking at the content from your backlinks and thinking, “Good heavens, it looks like they outsource SEO from India.”

3. Operations – The way they work and how well their work and business processes are extremely important in terms of time efficiency. This could translate into an extra 2 hours of my time to do other things. With a cheap India SEO, I am generally only accessible to an account manager who does not know how SEO work to liaise between me and their SEO fulfilment team.

· Reporting – Poor quality of communication and reporting, and no one to discuss a strategy with us. I was given an email proposal then received a report that verified 10% of work based on what I paid, resulting in having to file a dispute.

· Targeted keywords wrong - I only realized this when we were preparing content for the backlink pages and now the pages won’t match the articles.

· Time and resources - So now I have to restructure the content and pages and rewrite all the content as it is not up to Australian standards.

4. Communication - Responsiveness and effective communication is key. If we’re not on the right frequency from the beginning, and we’re going be working on a long-term basis, it’s to choose an outsource SEO provider who is easy to work with and smart. You’ll find this essential when working with people online. Like hiring any contractor, there will be teething issues and you will likely go through a few before finding the right match.

5. Expertise – Probably none. If it’s a ridiculously low price you are paying for, it’s most certainly a cookie-cutter process, outsource SEO marketing campaign you are getting. But most local service contractors wouldn’t know the difference until it’s too late.